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Time To Design A New Blog

published on 2018-10-03 by Dennis Hambeukers

Today I had the afternoon off of work so I had some time to design a new WordPress theme for my new blog.

I had the idea to focus on the article and add some drawers to the left and right. Drawers you could pull out and push back in that would contain contextual information, calls to action and navigation. So big type in the center and three drawers, three beams with icons. In the background, I wanted to recreate a typographic experiment I did some years ago with big, cut-off typography.

Each of the drawers can be opened separately. When the black drawer is opened, the yellow one is also pushed out. The black drawer contains information about the author with a link to more information.

The yellow drawer can also be pulled out. The yellow drawer contains the call to action: connect.

The grey drawer contains navigation elements. It’s the traditional WordPress sidebar.

All drawers can be opened in any combination, creating interesting cut-offs.

So the design is a new take on the traditional elements of a website: header, footer and sidebar. Like all good design this is inspired by other great design. In this case I already had the idea to do these drawers for years. Ever since I designed my previous WordPress blog:

I still like this minimal design, but always thought it needed it a little bit more, a little menu hidden somewhere. So yesterday I saw this image from the new branding of Netflix:

In this new design, they use what they call The Stack, which is basically layers of Material Design sheets on top of each other. So I decided to use this as inspiration for my new blog design.

You can preview the design here.