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Business As Usual Eats Change For Breakfast.

published on 01.04.2018 by Dennis Hambeukers

When we are talking about design leadership, we are talking about changing things. Design is currently not in the lead when it comes to business problem-solving. So if we want to use the powers of design to enhance creativity, engagement, clarity in business processes, we have to change things up. And sometimes this goes well. We apply design thinking, make prototypes, collect user feedback, do a design sprint. But how successful these interventions might be, if you’re not careful things will be back to the old ways before you know it. I have seen this in projects where I was evangelizing design thinking for years. People revert back to their old ways for numerous reasons. Even if they are totally convinced that the new ways design introduces are better, they will go back to business as usual. You have to keep working on it all the time. Reminding, educating, doing interventions.

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